VisaMatch and E Visa

Your path to a successful E-2 visa

E-2 treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa, meaning it is temporary, and is not related to green cards through investment. Investor should invest substantial amount of capital to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise. Investor has to develop active and real enterprise which will create jobs.

For example, investor can derive economic value of the United States from multifamily real estate being involved in the renovating and repairing of the properties. In fact, investor may purchase the properties that have to be rebuild and renovated. In this case, E-2 applicant will establish a company in the U.S. and invest at least $200,000.

E-2 visa petition got rejected?
If E2 visa petition wasn’t successful, applicant will receive 80% of payed amount. This amount will be returned through the VisaMatch to the investor.

VisaMatch can assist achieving future goals with handling the E-2 business and immigration process. Setting up and running a new business in a new country it’s always challenging and risky. VisaMatch will provide formation, consulting and advising services to investor’s new company and compliance with the E-2 requirements. VisaMatch introduce the E-2 applicant to renovation expert on its money in to purchase and renovate property.

  • Investment Flexibility
  • Investment Enterprise is Not a Marginal Enterprise
  • Short Processing Time
  • Includes Spouse & Children
  • No Annual Limits on The Number of E-2 Visas
  • Self-Employment With an Unlimited Number of Extensions