Our team went through many life and career experiences to gain their knowledge and expertise aside from the education they’ve got. Coming from immigrant families, being entrepreneurs, and delivering successful personal efforts, our team definitely has what to share with you.

We understand the particular nature of international students service needs. Our team went through this personally and consolidated the knowledge with many more expertise. This gives us confidence knowing that when we deliver a service to our clients. We have the right practical experience, background, and knowledge to give our clients the most suitable solutions that meet our requirements and their needs.



Our professional team will validate your student path and experience and evaluate your chances in getting accepted in U.S. or Canadian university. In this circumstances, we can guarantee you acceptance!

Student Expenses Evaluation

We can assist our clients to evaluate their future costs by providing them with information and calculation about the approximate costs of living and studying in the country of their choice.

University/School Selection

We will help students to choose the right program and institution based on their academic performance, interest, and future goals. We will walk with a student who is seeking to study abroad, through the entire selection process.

Application Process

We will guide and support our clients in an application process of the U.S. and Canada’s schools and make sure they satisfy the entry requirements. We communicate closely with universities and colleges in order to understand the entire application process.

I-20 (U.S.) and Letter of Acceptance (Canada)

Meeting the entry requirements and being in close cooperation with students’ chosen institution, we will help them to obtain an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status -in U.S.) or Letter of Acceptance (in Canada).


Visa Information

Working closely with immigration law experts our consultants, well provide students with updated information on visa filing procedures. Our partner attorneys will help to prepare all required documents in order to obtain a student visa in Canada or the U.S.

Visa Interview

We help international students to prepare for the visa interviews. Don’t forget, we can guarantee you a visa! You just have to follow our procedure.

Family Members

We can assist with visa application and all the process for students’ family members as well if needed.

Pre-arrival Information

We can guide and support with pre-arrival information, if needed. We wish our clients to adopt and settle easily in the future country of study.

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  • Student Expenses Evaluation
  • University/School Selection
  • University Admission Process
  • Visa Information & Application
  • Visa Interview Preparation
  • Pre-arrival Information