2.6.4 House Flipping Package

Visa Match as an innovative company providing immigration solutions and deploying its colleagues’ years of experience, has always been in search of alternatives which possess the advantages of the available options for obtaining a visa while lacking their drawbacks. Having overseen the U.S. business climate, Visa Match attempts to direct applicants into businesses which provide the maximum financial benefits while increasing their chances of acquiring an E-2 visa.
Visa Match has decided to introduce a house flipping package because of the satisfactory status of the flipping market in the United States. You can get an overview of these services in this section.Since the real estates business has experienced a continuous upturn during the past two years, many have been of the opinion that the recession years are gone. The anticipation of an increase in the housing prices has boosted the flipping business (purchase of property to sell it for profit).

Visa Match deems such situation as an excellent opportunity to direct applicants to engage in this business. Visa Match has removed all the impediments ahead of applicants, those willing to attain this exceptional opportunity through our comprehensive services.

The process in this method is as follows:

  • A contract is concluded between applicant and Visa Match and applicant chooses a city where he/she desires to reside in from Visa Match’s listed cities.
  • Visa Match assists applicants in concluding an agreement with a specialized business management company while helping them understand the terms of the agreement completely.
  • In addition to the applicant’s company registration, Visa Match provides guidance in connection to the transfer of funds to the business account in the United States.
  • The applicant’s business starts operating in the United States.
  • Visa Match instructs the applicant on the business so he/she can get a general perspective of the business before the interview.
  • Visa Match prepares the applicant’s E-2 application and sends it to one of the U.S. consulates taking advantage of an experienced immigration attorney.
  • The applicant attends at the U.S. consulate for interview and obtaining a U.S. visa.
  • In case of visa approval, the applicant comes to the United States and learns the ins and outs of the process from a business management company. He/she will pursue this career in the U.S. under the management company’s supervision and will ultimately undertake this responsibility on his/her own.
  • In case of visa denial for any reason, Visa Match returns the applicant’s capital in a certain period of time.
  • The advantages of this method are:
  • Since the applicant’s business is launched before his/her presence in the United States, it is more likely to obtain an E-2 visa.
  • As a specialized company has agreed through a contract to offer educational services and assist the applicant until the business establishment, convincing the consulate that the applicant can control the business would become much easier.
  • Learning the secrets of a profitable business from people with years of experience in this area is truly a very exceptional opportunity made possible through Visa Match’s countless efforts.
  • Since the applicant’s money would be returned if the application is rejected, paying the marginal costs is the only risk the applicant endures, thus making this option as an extraordinary and outstanding alternative.
  • Similar to the franchise option, applicants need not to worry about the previous business’s liabilities and debts since the business is started from zero.
  • Cooperation with reliable companies which can be trusted more because of their dedication to maintain their reputation, eliminates the concern of depositing money to an individual.
  • Considering the facts that the business format is clear and deciding on the business structure is not time-consuming, the total amount of time required in this method is less than other alternatives.
  • The following can be assumed as the disadvantages of this method:

  • At this point of time, we are only able to establish a business in Florida and Chicago which may not be satisfactory places to live in for some individuals. However, it should be noted that should a person come to the United States through this business and decide not to continue with this business, he/she can start another business in a different location and apply for E-2 visa renewal as its relates to the new business.
  • This business will be operating in a specific field which a person may not have an interest in.
  • The capacity for using this alternative is limited in each city and only a certain number of individuals are able to take advantage of this option.
  • If you are interested in this method for obtaining a visa, email your phone number to e2visa@visamatch.com and put “E-2 visa through house flipping“ in the subject line. One of our experts will contact you in this regard.