2.6.2 Franchise Package

One of the means of obtaining an E-2 visa is starting a franchise business. Since franchisors instruct franchisees on how to manage and succeed in their businesses, applicants’ chances of prospering and consequently, obtaining an E-2 visa increase. The franchise package could be considered as the most widely used option among E-2 applicants. Franchises are broad in scope and all of them are not necessarily good. The purchase of an inappropriate franchise can lead to losing money just like an unsuitable investment. On the other hand, high ranking franchises are not interested in cooperating with E-2 applicants.
Visa Match will use its utmost effort to locate the best franchises willing to accept E-2 applicants and will conclude a franchise agreement, having the support of specialized franchise consultants on its side.

The process in this method is as follows:

• A contract is concluded between applicant and Visa Match and applicant declares the city he/she is intending to reside in.
• Visa Match employs a franchise business consultant.
• Visa Match notifies the consultant about the applicant’s capabilities, employment history, education and other qualifications.
• The consultant starts searching to find an appropriate franchise.
• The applicant is informed of the potential choices and alternatives and if he/she shows interest, he/she is introduced to the franchisor and the legal procedures of purchasing a franchise business are undertaken.
• Although not required, it is recommended to establish a franchise business before attendance at the U.S. consulate for interview in order to increase the odds of obtaining a visa.
• Visa Match prepares the applicant’s E-2 application and sends it to one of the U.S. consulates taking advantage of an experienced immigration attorney.
• The applicant attends at the U.S. consulate for interview and obtaining a U.S. visa.
• In case of E-2 visa approval, the applicant comes to the United States and participates in the franchisor’s educational classes as well as work at the franchise business.

The following are among the advantages of this method:

• The nature of the business is completely clear, a business which is operating and its information can be reviewed.
• The U.S. consulates do not expect applicants to be proficient or experienced in the business due to the franchisor’s support.
• Franchises are very systematic in the United States and later problems become less probable.
• Since the business starts from scratch, the business’s previous problems and complexities would not be shouldered by the applicant.
• As there is no existing business in this method, the income is foreseen through a business plan. This feature enables individuals to apply for an E-2 visa with lower amount of capital as compared to the previous alternative. Applicants can invest between $150,000 and $200,000 depending on the franchise type and obtain an E-2 visa.

The disadvantages of this method are:

• In many instances, applicants enter into a definite agreement with franchisors and therefore, the paid monies cannot be returned in case of visa denial.
• Although it is possible to convince the franchisor to postpone the establishment of the franchise business to the date when the applicant comes to the United States, this approach decreases the chances of obtaining a visa to a large extent. On the other hand, starting a business in the applicant’s absence requires the employment of a business management company which could cost a lot. In addition, many of these expenses cannot be compensated.
• Choosing a proper franchise business and undergoing the legal procedures can be time-consuming.

• If you are interested in taking advantage of this method for obtaining a visa, email your phone number to e2visa@visamatch.com and put “E-2 visa through franchise business” in the subject line. One of our experts will contact you in this regard.