2.6.3 Family/Friend Package

In certain circumstances, the applicant may have a close family member or friend who is willing to assist in the E-2 process. Visa Match can conduct an initial evaluation of the family member or friend’s situation for those interested in this type of service and provide all services required for obtaining an E-2 visa through this method.

The following should be taken into consideration:

• In this method, the family member or friend will practically have complete control over the applicant’s money and thus, Visa Match accepts no responsibility in this regard.
• Please note that the United States is a competitive environment in terms of business. The likelihood of success in the United States is lower than countries such as Iran when the business is new or launched by unqualified individuals. Seeking to this method is only suggested when the family member or friend intending to purchase or establish a business is equipped with years of successful experience. A person who has not directed a business, is performing this activity for the first time or has not been successful in accomplishing this purpose, would definitely cause capital loss despite of being a trustworthy individual.
• Should the family member or friend invest in the business as a partner, his/her capabilities should not make the U.S. consulate conclude that the applicant’s presence in the country is not required for the purposes of business management.

This alternative is highly recommended for those who have a reliable and experienced family member or friend. In these circumstances, after evaluating the family member or friend’s situation and obtaining information about their plans, Visa Match will provide a list of required measures for the individual’s application and will assist him/her in preparing and submitting the application to a U.S. consulate by utilizing experts’ services.

The advantages and disadvantages of this method is dependent on the details of each case.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this method for obtaining a visa, email your phone number to e2visa@visamatch.com and put “E-2 visa through a family member/friend“ in the subject line. One of our experts will contact you in this regard.