2.5 E2 Visa Services

Visa Match E-2 services can be considered essential services available to E-2 visa applicants. Visa Match connects all the professionals needed for obtaining an E-2 visa and solves all of the issues ahead of applicants.

The following are among the services offered in connection to the E-2 visa packages taking applicants needs into account:

Legal Services

Visa Match undertakes all legal measures related to individuals’ applications by utilizing the most experienced immigration attorneys who possess years of experience in this area. These services include preparation of documents, validation of investors’ source of funds, completion of immigration applications and submitting them to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Business Registration and Establishment Services

Visa Match which is equipped with the best business attorneys registers and launches a business of suitable structure for applicants. If applicable, Visa Match determines a suitable structure for applicants’ business, having the expertise of an experienced accountant on its side. Visa Match is experienced enough to solve issues of individuals of certain nationalities, those who are subject to specific regulations and laws. Furthermore, Visa Match can apply its knowledge to remove these individuals’ hurdles, a matter devised for their success and achievement.

Business Plan Services

Since a 5-year business plan should be sent along with the E-2 application, Visa Match prepares the business plan benefitting from business consultants and submits it with the individual’s application. The business plan includes market analysis, industry and competitive analysis, the required financial tables and other relevant parts.

Educational Services

As Visa Match has always paid attention to long-term solutions which bring about applicants’ successive achievement, it offers educational services. By acting this way, applicants get acquainted with the business principles and rules in the United States and take their steps accurately.

Business Management Services

Visa Match participates in establishing a business in the United States before applicants’ attendance at the U.S. consulate for interview in order to increase their chances of obtaining a visa. Visa Match employs the best business management companies active in different fields for the purposes of starting and managing a business and ultimately, educating applicants on the principles of the business. This way, applicants can absorb the business rules and pursue the success path after entering the United States.

As noted above, Visa Match’s E-2 services satisfy the applicants’ needs. Visa Match devises various services at different times and makes them available to applicants while solving their complexities and problems. For more information on our E-2 services (which we are currently able to provide to a certain number of individuals), contact us at e2visa@visamatch.com