2.6 E-2 Packages

As stated before, a business should be established or purchased in the United States in order to apply for an E-2 visa. Visa match’s different packages will assist you undergo possible pathways leading to an E-2 visa.


An E-2 visa can be obtained through any of the following methods:


1- Purchasing an operating business

To get an E-2 visa, you can purchase an existing and operating business. Interested individuals can purchase our business packages.


2-One of the ways of applying for an E2 visa is to start a franchise business. Those willing to take advantage of this option, can buy our franchise business package.


3- Some people have a reliable family or friend in the United States who can assist them in establishing their business and applying for an E-2 visa. These group of individuals can utilize our family/friend package.


4- Starting a specialized business with the assistance of an experienced and reliable company in the United States serves as the other alternative for applying for an E-2 visa. At this point of time, Visa Match has the house flipping option available for this specific category.


Each of these options has been illustrated further in their related pages.

The following table makes a comparison between these four methods:


To take advantage of our different options as it relates to applying for an E-2 visa, contact us at e2visa@visamatch.com