2.6.1 Business Buying Package

Purchasing an operating business counts as one of the means of obtaining an E-2 visa. Visa Match is ready to provide business purchase services to interested individuals. Having employed a business consultant, Visa Match buys an appropriate business for applicants to enable them to obtain an E-2 visa.

The process in this method is as follows:

• A contract is concluded between applicant and Visa Match and applicant declares the city he/she is intending to reside in.
• Visa Match employs a business broker or consultant at the city the applicant is interested in.
• Visa Match notifies the business consultant about the applicant’s capabilities, employment history, education and other qualifications.
• The business consultant will start searching for a suitable business.
• Potential options are introduced to the applicant and should the applicant show interest, the business will go under contract.
• At this point, two options are available to the applicant:

1- Entering into an agreement with regard to the business
2- Placing the monies into an escrow account
• Visa Match prepares the applicant’s E-2 application and sends it to one of the U.S. consulates taking advantage of an experienced immigration attorney.
• The applicant attends at the U.S. consulate for interview and obtaining a U.S. visa.
• In case of obtaining an E-2 visa, the applicant comes to the United States and works at his/her business.

The advantages of this method are as follows:
• Information exists as to the business nature, address and other features.
• The business is operating and therefore, its condition can be analyzed.

The disadvantages of this alternative can be summarized in the following:

• As stated above, the business purchased for obtaining an E-2 visa should provide a living for the applicant and his/her family while having a positive economic impact. When a person aims to acquire an E-2 visa through purchasing an existing business, the tax records should show that the business will generate sufficient income. A business should be worth over $250,000 for this purpose. Nevertheless, the place where the business is located in is determinant as well. Please note since the law has not specified the minimum amount sufficient for an E-2 visa, some active companies in this area announce lower values as appropriate for a business. Visa Match has always intended to increase the chances of visa approval for its clients. Needless to say, the more the investment amount and the potential income deriving from the investment, the more likely the applicant will be able to obtain an E-2 visa.
• Purchasing a business in the United States is a risky activity. Similar to other parts of the world, businessmen specifically those owning an independent business present financial statements which do not match reality. In addition, please note that the business would have not been sold if there was not some kind of issue with it. Individuals sell their businesses when some kind of problem exists or they anticipate business dilemma due to changes in the business’s industry. Unfortunately, E-2 visa applicants are taken advantage of in many cases, individuals who inappropriate businesses can be sold to. Hence, this method is risky and applicants should be extremely cautious.
• It is true that the purpose of purchasing a business is to obtain a visa. However, in case of visa approval, the applicant should come to the United States and direct his/her business. Purchasing a troubled business will be burdensome for the applicant. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a business carefully and without rush. This alternative may take the applicant a longer time to obtain a visa as compared to other available choices.

• As noted above, the applicant has two options with regard to the business. First, the applicant can sign a definite business contract and attend at a U.S. consulate for interview. Second, he/she can place the capital in an escrow account followed by being interviewed by a U.S. consulate for obtaining a visa. The issue here is if the applicant fails to acquire a visa, the business sale would be demanding especially when the applicant is not present in the United States. Individuals may lose a high amount of capital and sell their businesses after a long period of time. Should the business capital be put in an escrow account, since the applicant’s investment is not subject to risk, his/her chances of obtaining a visa become very low or even zero.

• As the U.S. consulate expects the applicant to direct and manage the business after entry to the U.S, he/she should possess sufficient experience in the business field. Therefore, the applicant’s choices would be limited to the businesses he/she has experience in.

• Business purchasers may be burdened with any liability or debt which could be troublesome for E-2 applicants.

• If you are interested in taking advantage of this method for obtaining a visa, email your phone number to e2visa@visamatch.com and put “E-2 visa through business purchase” in the subject line. One of our experts will contact you in this regard.