2.3 What are the Benefits of E-2 Visa

  • No minimum investment

Unlike the EB-5 Program, E-2 doesn’t have a set amount, the law states however that the investment must be significant.

  • Short Processing time

Because the E-2 is a non-immigrant visa, there is no quota waiting period.

  • Ownership By Investor

The treaty investor visa specifically allows (requires) the investor to own at least 50% the U.S. business.

  • Permission to Work In U. S.

The E-2 visa allows the principal investor to be actively employed in the investment enterprise. He may be paid salary and/or draw dividends or receive benefits similar to those of United States workers.

  • Investment Flexibility

Great amount of flexibility about HOW the investment funds are deployed.

  • Includes Spouse and Children

Qualified investors are entitled to request E-2 status for their spouses and children. Spouses can maintain this status indefinitely, if the principal investor continues to qualify and that the marriage continues intact.

  • Spouse is eligible to work in US

Spouse of an E-2 visa holder has the right to work in the U.S.